Adrenaline-Pumping Activities in Dubai For Adventurous Travelers

There are some travelers who prefer to have a quiet and laid-back vacation. But there are others who want to have an out-of-the-box travel experience to make their trip a memorable one. The good news is, Dubai has a lot of exciting activities to offer to this kind of travelers.

And if you are coming to Dubai anytime soon, be sure that you don’t miss out on these adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities:

  • Skydiving


Adventure is everywhere, even in the sky. If you happen to visit Dubai, you need to see it from another perspective. SkyDive Dubai offers tandem skydiving at premium locations (The Palm drop zone and Desert Campus drop zone). From an altitude of almost 4,000 meters, jump off a plane and soar like a bird while enjoying the beautiful view of Dubai and the rush of wind. The free fall will last for a minute or so, until the instructor pops the parachute. If you are worried about your safety, these instructors re equipped and trained to handle emergencies from above. Skydiving would definitely give you the exhilarating feeling that you are looking for in a vacation.


  • Buggy tour


If off road exploration adventure is your kind of thing, the desert buggy tour can be an alternative adventure for you. There are tour operators and companies who are offering guests and travelers customized packages for ATV rental in Dubai and give their clients a different taste of Dubai. Visitors will surely have fun riding these ATVs and motorbikes in the sand.


  • Dune bashing


Dune bashing is definitely one of the most popular attractions and outdoor activities in Dubai. As opposed to sand boarding using motorbikes and ATVs, travelers are being hustled into the dunes riding an awesome 4×4 wheels. Experienced drivers will show off their outstanding driving and drifting skills to their guests. You will be treated with a heart-stopping ride while enjoying the breathtaking view of the desert.


  • Audi Track Tester


If you are really into cars, then you can take another road adventure in Dubai Autodrome using an Audi sports car. Yes, you read it right. You will be given a chance to ride and drive one of the most recognized brands in the auto industry. Travelers and clients are given 20-minutes to drive an Audi sports car of their choice in the tracks. With this activity, you will be able to master your driving skills and meet experienced instructors that will teach you some driving techniques.

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