Hacks For the Best Car Rental

The holidays are officially around the corner, and for some, it is the time of the year for travelling and having some fun. But before you get too excited about the holiday spirit, you need to do some serious planning, especially if it involves renting a car.

With some preps and hacks, you can be sure to save some money on luxury car rental in Dubai, should you decided to go for one. Here are some holiday car rental tips you can follow:


  • Check the car thoroughly

Once you made an agreement with the car rental company and they presented you with the car of your choice, the first thing that you need to do is to check the vehicle thoroughly. You need to check for existing dents and scratches before you drive the car off the rental store. Why is this important? It is a standard procedure and policy for car rental companies to do an inspection after the car is returned. It is to check whether there have been some damaged incurred during the rental. When they found one, it will be an additional cost for renters. So be sure to check and have the rental company known the preexisting damage before you drive it off.


  • Ask about the fuel policies

Some car rental companies have fuel policies when renting the car. The most common would be returning the car full tank or you will be charged accordingly. So before you drive off, be sure to read the fine print or lease agreement. It would save you some dollars by just knowing the policies these car rentals implement. If the car rental company says that you need to return the car with a full tank gas, do it. Having done so would save you some money, if you compare prices and do the math.


  • Know the add-ons and how much they cost

Sometimes, what sets the rental price to the roof is the addons. Mostly, it is the navigation, car seats, insurance, etc. Be sure to ask for a breakdown of these addons with their corresponding prices and decide which of those you can skip. If you are travelling overseas and going to rent Rolls Royce in Dubai, the insurance might be unavoidable. Assess your situation and see which of these addons are beneficial to you.


  • Do not be afraid to ask for discounts

Some people are a little shy when asking for discounts as it would make them appear like a low-baller. But if this can save you some dollar, it wouldn’t hurt to try.